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For nearly a decade I have been honing my craft as a horticulturist in New England. My experience during my time in Nantucket Massachusetts exposed me to some of the finest detailed gardening work in the world. Now I specialize in perennial gardens, container gardens, and vegetable/herb garden design. My services are available across central Vermont.

Gardening Services Include:

Garden Consultation, Perennial Garden Design, Vegetable Garden Design, Rototilling and Garden Construction, Existing Garden Maintenance and Renovation, Mulching and Patio Services, Pruning and Fall Clean-Up, Container Gardens, Raised Beds, Decorative Tree Installation, Outdoor Flower Design

backyard flower garden landscape with pool and brick house
perennial garden greenery
wildflower beds along fence
flower beds along flower perimeter
flower beds lining driveway
floral garden with stepping stones
garden pathway lined by greenery and flowers
purple wildflowers in a garden bed
mossy stone steps lined with flower beds
cottage surrounded by garden flower beds
garden bed under window filled with herbs and vegetables
gardening: Gallery
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